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Sales Training & Marketing Advisory Services

NSBN provides sales training programs, individual coaching, and marketing advisory services for professional service firms.

Sales Training Programs & One-on-One Coaching Topics:

  • "Strategic Socializing" at networking events
  • Elevator speeches
  • Interpersonal rapport building skills
  • Marketing lunches
  • Contact management and follow-up
  • Generating referrals
  • Client cross-selling
  • Conducting successful prospect meetings
  • Overcoming objections
  • Developing an individual sales plan
  • Personal branding

Marketing Advisory Services

  • Development of firm and industry plans
  • Targeted activities for new business development
  • Building and sustaining a sales culture in your organization

What Our Clients Say

"A big thanks to you. Our culture has come a long way due to your guidance and training."

Kyle Stephenson, CPA, Managing Partner, Baker Peterson & Franklin LLP

"Our Director of Practice Growth has a great talent for motivating people."

Ken Miles, CPA, Managing Partner, NSBN LLP

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